Choose your diet wisely

Following the indulgences of Christmas and New year everyone looks to begin their new healthy lifestyle. People will be addressing their diet and exercise regime, and rightly so. While exercise makes an important contribution to achieving good health and look, it does not compensate for bad nutrition.   So people will have choices, as the media is flooded with advertisements for weight loss products. A popular way for people to lose weight is to take up a programme of meal replacement shakes. I would caution against such an approach. These methods may well succeed in bringing about weight loss in the short term but they do not address the issue with food, in my opinion. They replace food, which cannot be done. These products cannot be called food. They may well claim to contain all the nutrients we need. How can we be so arrogant as to assume we know all the micronutrients in real food and how they interact with our bodies in a way essential for good health?

Don’t get your priorities wrong. Many people will focus on losing weight in order to achieve good health, after all we are constantly told that being overweight is bad for our health. It is what makes us overweight that is bad for our health. Therefore focus on being healthy to achieve the right weight, not losing weight in order to be healthy (Croxton, 2011).

There is also another problem with replacing real food with shakes. This does not help to form the good eating and lifestyle habits. Are you to continue taking these products forever? What happens when you stop? Do you go back to eating the same way you did to get out of shape in the first place?


Forget the short term!

Focus on getting the nutrition right and the rest will follow. The correct weight will be achieved. Eat real, natural food. DON’T focus on calories, it’s much harder to overeat natural wholefoods. Avoid sugar, grains and anything artificial.

Form good habits and be wary of diet ‘experts’ whose advice is to buy some kind of diet product. Real food is not a supplement or a shake!

Finally, hit the gym and make the change for the last time!

7 Comments on Choose your diet wisely

  1. Great article! This is exactly what I’m dealing with right now…retraining myself to eat whole foods after the Holidays. 🙂

  2. Been sharing your blogs mate with a few folk who reckon they’re eating healthily when really they’re not and can’t understand why not getting in shape!!!!

  3. So true! I believe the best way to be healthy, including be at a healthy weight is to Eat to Live (to coin a phrase from Dr. Fuhrman). Eat mostly fruit and veggies and a moderate amount whole grains and you can’t go wrong!

  4. Oh yes, and limit (or better yet, cut out) refined sugar!

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