Vintage soda ads: Can you spot the fake?

Even with a fake in there, it goes to show, don’t rely on a company with commercial interest to be concerned for your health!


We ran across one of these old ads pushing pop for tots on Facebook and shook our heads disbelievingly, before learning it was a fake. But the sweetened beverage industry has stooped equally low in the past, all the way down to toddler eye level.

Can you guess which one is a modern mock-up? The answer’s on the very last page!


Soda pop ad


Soda ad


Coke ad


7-up ad

Answer: #2, “Start cola earlier!” It was created by the folks at

#1 (“This young man is 11 months old — and he isn’t our youngest customer by any means!”) was an actual 1955 7-Up ad

#3 (“The wholesome quality of Coca-Cola fits so properly into this picture”) was an actual 1953 Coca-Cola ad.

#4 (“You can even give this sparkling drink to babies!”) was a 1956 7-Up ad.

So pure, so wholesome, so … wrongheaded. It’s like watching the beginning…

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