Make time for health now or illness later

Why has the diet industry grown so much? There are many reasons why someone would want to take on a diet, ranging from temporary weight loss goals to battles with complex food issues. The food and diet industry is massive with numerous huge companies in the business of providing ‘diet’ foods and meal replacement products. The trouble is, you cannot replace food, in my opinion. How has the diet industry got so financially successful when most diets fail and do not produce long term results? One possible reason is the underpinning theories for people gaining weight, such as the calorie theory. The calorie theory being that if you consume more calories than you burn you will gain weight and vice versa, if you burn off more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

In my experience, many people buy into the calorie theory because it seems logical and straightforward.

This belief works well for the ‘diet’ industry. Not so well for people who struggle with weight. So you got fat because you’ve been overeating for the past few weeks/months/years. You need to shift weight, so what do you do? You under eat for the next however long by taking up whatever diet happens to be circulating around the workplace. Maybe it’s a meal replacement regime in the form of some kind of shake. We all want an easy way to get rid, don’t we?

You lose weight….Great! The diet must have worked. Can you sustain it? You are now at the desired weight so you can up the calories to some kind of maintenance amount such as 2000kCal for women and 2500kCal for men.


The problem is that the most important issue is WHAT you eat, less so the amount. You have learned zero about food, developed no good habits and will likely gain weight. Suddenly this is looking like a yo-yo diet situation.

Why not focus on eating right and let the weight take care of itself?

This culture of ‘everything in moderation’ is seriously flawed. This shifts responsibility from the manufacturer of processed garbage and places it on the poor individual struggling with their weight. So it must be your fault then? You had too much of said processed garbage. However how easy is it eat/drink these products in moderation?

The media is awash with conflicting information with different funding sources. Conflicts of interests are rife! Not everyone has the time or inclination to wade through all the information and the big problem is how can you expect a manufacturer of a product to provide you with unbiased information? If you want to take a closer look at the ingredients in certain diet products, see here.

The public want to trust these large corporations whose primary interest is profit. Many techniques are used to sell these products.

From“Multi-level marketing has emerged as the growth engine for weight loss companies–Not franchising–Not adding more company-owned centers. This non-traditional method of selling via hundreds of thousands of “independent contractors” or “distributors”, is working extremely well for a few companies. Herbalife, surprisingly, is now the #2 weight loss company in the United States. The company posted North American weight loss product sales of $529 million in 2012, up 21%. Medifast sales reached a new high of $357 million last year and 65% of this was related to its Take Shape For Life MLM division. Visalis Sciences, another MLM company, saw its sales of meal replacements rise five-fold in 2011, to $220 million in wholesale sales.”

These are pretty big numbers. Is the person distributing these products qualified or knowledgeable on nutrition or are they just repeating company marketing spiel? What is the motivation for advising you? Is it to sell a product?

Have your eyes open to whatever ‘diet’ you choose and make your choice. Really it is simple. Just eat real food. Don’t be fixated with weight but health! If time is your issue then you have to decide to make time for health now or for illness later.

1 Comment on Make time for health now or illness later

  1. Your title has the key to the problem – make time for health. so many people say they are time poor and that is a major challenge to both individuals and society as a whole.

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