Victoria’s Secret comes under fire, but what is the ‘perfect body’?

Image: Victoria’s Secret.

Recently, Victoria’s Secret has received some heat following their latest ‘perfect body’ marketing campaign. A petition has been set up with over 18,000 signatures, requesting an apology from Victoria’s Secret, with the problem being that it sends an “unhealthy and damaging message”.

Several questions arise from an issue such as this. Is there a perfect body? Is it achievable? I see (and doubtless other health and fitness colleagues do also) a constant stream of people acquiring the services of a personal trainer to improve their own aesthetics. We all want to look better.

Are people striving for something that cannot be achieved? The advert highlights the female body, but the male body comes under the same scrutiny with the ‘perfect’ male body constantly on the cover of various men’s magazines.

Does this kind of campaign create the problem or highlight an issue already there? Are we ‘wired up’ to be attracted to the types of body we see in these advertisements?

We know that images can be digitally enhanced quite easily. This likely puts unnecessary pressure on people who are comparing themselves to these unrealistic ‘ideals’.

There is also the genetics variable. Many of us have a genetic potential that can’t be ignored. It may be that someone is aesthetically gifted and finds it much easier to maintain a certain shape and look.

However, one thing that is clear, people are fixated with image and want results, quick! This attitude has to change. How long did it take to get out of shape? It is this ‘quick results’ attitude that has people running to diet companies and meal replacement products. In my opinion, these are part of the problem, not the solution.

My advice would be concentrate on health, eat real food that will have a positive effect on your body. Don’t focus on restricting and avoiding food but eating the right food. Move around and avoid sedentary behaviour and your body will take care of you.

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