BMI: Compare yourself to the rest of the world

We often see ‘Body Mass Index (BMI)’ used as a measure of obesity. It is essentially a ratio of weight to height. I personally think it is a rather crude measure of an individual’s obesity and I prefer waist circumference and body fat percentage scores. There is no accounting for lean muscle mass with a BMI. There will be many athletes, with an amount of muscle mass that will score overweight on the BMI scale. Your weight on the scales can be a misleading figure as an indication of health (to be discussed in a future post).

However, that said, a lot of people are carrying too much fat. I guess the majority of people with an overweight BMI will not be athletes with a decent amount of muscle.

Still, it’s interesting nonetheless to compare your BMI to the rest of the UK and the world, with rising levels of obesity. Check out this BMI calculator from the BBC and see where you measure up (at the moment, my BMI was most like someone form Lithuania)!


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