Louisa Newlove

Louisa Newlove, Customer Business Manager
“I started personal trlouisa newloveaining about 2 and half years ago. I had just turned 30 and with a hectic career in sales and travelling a lot in the car I was struggling to keep in shape and could see the lbs creeping on. 
Ian started me on a 12 week programme which included a balance of healthy eating/ nutrition tutorials and a variety of training sessions. 
Firstly the food and nutrition guidance was a game changer alone. He helped me understand food and how it works to fuel and support the body.
It also helped me to make better choices about the food I bought.  Simple and good everyday advice that over time helped to support a life style change. 
As for the training this was without exception tough but highly rewarding. As a female I was always put off by weights and thought they would ‘bulk me up’. However I very quickly noticed that combination of interval and resistance training completely changed my body shape delivering tone and shape across my whole body. 
I would highly recommend training with Ian as he is professional and highly skilled and makes the PT fun and enjoyable.
Quite simply it has helped me to enjoy exercise, eat healthier and naturally adopt a healthier lifestyle. 
Thanks Ian!!”



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