Tom Haworth

Tom Haworth, Senior Manager – Ambulance Service


“I first started training with Ian as I had started to put quite a bit of weight on and wasn’t currently doing any exercise. I explained that my goal was to get fit and lose a bit of weight. At that point I used to get out of breath walking up the road! 
 Ian started me off on some basic movements so I could get the techniques right, before gradually introducing some weights to those movements and knocking it up a notch. At the same time, Ian explained how my diet can contribute massively to how I look and feel. I thought that eating a big bowl of pasta every night was healthy, and I thought nothing of having a pizza a couple of times a week.  Ian explained how these foods impact and made me look at my diet from a completely different angle. I quickly started to shed my excess weight and it wasn’t long before people started to make comment.  I now train 2 or 3 times a week, and Ian provides all the encouragement and advice I need to further improve.”


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