Yemi Oluboyede

Yemi Oluboyede, Senior Research Fellow


“I have known Ian and been training with him for over 3 years.  In that time my knowledge base around exercise and nutrition has been vastly improved.  Ian is unique in his ability to make you unknowingly surpass your expectations, of what you think you are capable of doing, all the while feeling comfortable and confident.
My training goals thus far have mainly been to improve my strength and stamina.  After recently becoming pregnant, however, I felt at a loss as to what I could and should be doing in my training.  I stopped training altogether because I was afraid I might do something wrong. Ian came to my rescue by teaching me about the changes that were happening in my body and the type of exercises I should and should not be doing at different stages in pregnancy.  Once I started training again I felt a lot more myself and, although I know I need to take it easy, it’s great to feel my strength coming back again!
Ian has not only been my trainer over the years, but I feel he has become a friend too and, I would highly recommend him.”


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