Paul Bone

Paul Bone, Head of Outsourcing – Direct Line Group
10920899_10203734797636747_8662540817931035128_n“So I am 35, a family man with a busy day job and a thousand excuses as to why I’m carrying some weight…”I drink too much, my clothes have shrunk, my metabolism is slowing, I’m just bloated, its the desk job”… we’ve all heard them right? I’d consider myself a reasonably intelligent person but when I look back at my pattern of thoughts its laughable really…ignorance is bliss.
I approached Ian with a goal in mind….to hit the six pack zone (why not, one for the photo album!) I’ve been training since I was 17 and in my head the 3/4 times a week routine should ‘do the job’ so why couldn’t I keep the weight off…I was ignoring the key ingredient, diet. Ian taught me the importance of the diet and how the body responds…what’s good, what’s bad, what’s in the ‘grey areas’ and rather than giving me something that was restrictive, he gave me some principles to follow…no calorie counting, no points system just good advice to follow. As a result there was no feeling of being deprived. I followed this religiously for 30 days, thinking at the outset this would be hard…truth is, for the first week/10 days it was, as my body adjusted and I started to redevelop better habits.
I’m now well past the original plan and still maintaining. Its really straight forward, no will power required – Ian’s advice was spot on. I’ve lost weight and inches and my energy levels have never been so high…a dramatic improvement and thats an understatement. Talk to Ian about this and his training programmes that run along side, he knows his stuff inside and out, can’t recommend him highly enough”
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